Characteristics of an Academy Circuit Training

But for those who are in the day-to-day race and do not have much willingness or time to exercise, circuit training is a dynamic and motivating option, which saves time and guarantees good results. And the best thing about this physical activity is that she can be practiced by anyone. As for circuit training, it links weight training with aerobic exercises.

It is much more than a weight loss workout, because many calories are burned quickly due to the high intensity of the exercises practiced, almost without intervals for rest between one series and another.

The circuit training is prepared by a professional in the area of ​​physical education. In the event of a change in working conditions, it should be taken into account that, in most cases. In this well-organized way through all the muscle groups and with their well-defined objectives, it is possible to achieve the fastest results, be it weight loss training, fat burning, muscle mass gain or simply acquiring physical conditioning.

Characteristics of an Academy Circuit Training

Duration: The training with an accelerated rhythm of 15 to 45 seconds in each station being 15 to 30 seconds of rest between the stations. But on average the person stays around 55 seconds to 1 minute at each station, since the complete circuit does not exceed 30 minutes.

Exercises: The most used in gyms are aerobic exercises alternated with muscle toning exercises: trekking on the mat, bicycles and localized exercises and series with weight, race, ladder, jump rope. There may be variations based on time and repetitions: 2 minutes on tape, 2 minutes working upper limbs, 2 minutes by bike, 2 minutes working lower limbs, etc.

Stations: the devices are called stations and in this mode you can use several types of devices such as, for example, the trampoline, step, transport, dumbbells, ropes, boxing bag, shin guard, mats, among others. When the practitioner goes through all the exercises in the stations the cycle is completed.

Advantages of training in the Academy circuit

It combines dynamic and rapid physical exercises that work all regions of the body in aerobic and anaerobic modalities, more efficiently thus favoring a combination of weight loss training, ideal for burning calories during and after activities, so it maintains the high heart rate,

The increase in caloric expenditure reduces the percentage of fat. In addition, the body spends many calories to recover from micro-injuries while resting, at the same time, when there is an increase in muscle mass.
It can be adapted to anyone as several types of physical exercises can be used. As there are practically no intervals to rest the exercises are very easy to execute. The loads can be moderate and varied, as well as the intensity of the series all according to the physical condition of the student.
It increases muscular endurance due to the rhythm with which the muscles are used, being able to perform muscular work for a long time.
Improves strength, balance, coordination and agility;
It offers the possibility of varying the exercises, such as inclusion, alteration or • The physical exercises are intense and performed in consecutive consecutive intervals with intervals scheduled for rest and recovery between seasons or series, the restrictions remain due to the coexistence of people who They have spinal problems or pain in the installments. In this case, teachers can make adaptations to serve these students with all the security and benefits that this activity offers.
The disadvantage for those who practice this modality in gyms using the devices is the possibility of being interrupted by someone during the training sequence, although the rotation of exercises in the devices is large. In circuit training activities should be practiced two to three times a week on alternate days, allied to a correct diet.

Good hydration as well as adequate rest time, to achieve the fastest goals.

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